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Amami Oshima

Some call it the Galapagos of the East because it is mostly covered by forests with a rich ecosystem, the home for many rare animals. It is fringed with mangroves and beautiful coral reefs.This is the largest within Amami Islands at 712 square kilometers.

Location Distillery WEB
Amami Oshima Yayoi shochu Brewery LPC http://www.kokuto-shouchu.co.jp
Amami Oshima Nishihira.honke http://www.kokutou-shochu.com
Amami Oshima Nishihara Shuzo Co.Ltd. https://www.nishihira-shuzo.com
Amami Oshima Amami Oshima Kaiun Shuzo Co., Ltd. http://www.lento.co.jp/en/
Amami Oshima Tomita Shuzojo https://www.kokuto-ryugu.co.jp/
Amami Oshima Watari Shuzo http://watari69.com/
Amami Oshima Amami Oshima Shuzo Co., Ltd. http://www.jougo.co.jp/
Amami Oshima Yamada Shuzo
Amami Oshima Machida Shuzo Co., Ltd. https://www.satoake.jp/en/
Amami Oshima Tenkainokura Co., Ltd.
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