Amami Kokuto Shochu The Exclusive Shochu from Japan's Amami Islands

Amami Kokuto Shochu is a rare and uncommon spirit made from brown sugar and malted rice, or koji. Only distilleries in the Amami Islands of Japan are authorized to produce them. Currently, there are 26 distilleries; said another way, there are only 26 distilleries in the world that can offer this truly singular, brown sugar and malted rice-based spirit that cannot be found anywhere else. The scarcity has obscured kokuto shochu from the rest of the world, despite its high potential.

Parings and Cocktails

Pairing with Foods

Amami Kokuto Shochu's ability to enhance flavors make this a perfect liquor to dine with, especially when it is paired with dishes that complement the qualities of each brand.


Cocktail Recipes

There are a wide variety of flavors and aromas, from the fresh and fruity to the sublime and mellow, resulting from each island’s location and the characteristics of each distillery. Further, Amami Kokuto Shochu has zero carbohydrates and is low in calories, making it a “healthy” alcoholic beverage and even more enticing.