Pairing & Cocktails Savor Amami Kokuto Shochu with these pairings and cocktails

According to the mixologist Shuzo Nagumo,as cocktail bases, Amami Kokuto Shochu can be categorized into four types from the point of view of mixology. Watch the videos of cocktail recipes by Shuzo Nagumo that enhance the characteristics of Amami Kokuto Shochu. He has prepared five recipes, one for each type, and two for the Unprocessed High Proof type.

Cocktail Recipes


A palatable crowd pleaser with the most prominent brown sugar aroma. 25% ABV.

Unprocessed High Proof

40% ABV makes this type aromatic, with a smooth and lasting flavor.

First Drop

Very fruity, and rich with ester that is distinctive for its green apple and melon scents.


Barrel scents and brown sugar sweetness come together for robust aroma and flavors. Brown sugar goes well with vanilla scents, making this type the perfect choice for an Old Fashioned.